The 1971 Petition: Extra names

In December 1971 the newsletter of Una Voce Italia published the complete set of 104 names apoended to the petition for the Traditional Mass. This included 47 names not published in The Times the previous July. These were as follows:

Luigi Alforni, Professor at the University of Pavia; 

Romano Amerio, Swiss-Italian theologian (author of Iota Unum);

Gianfranco Contini, Italian philologist; 

Augusto del Noce, philosopher; 

Giacomo Devoto, Italian historical linguist and President of the Accademia Della Crusca; 

Francisco Gallardo, Director of the Argentinian National Archives; 

Giovanni Macchia, Italian literary critic and Professor of French Literature in the University of Rome; 

Francesco Mazzoni, Italian, Presidente of the Dante Society; 

Massimo Pallotino, Italian, Professor of Archaeology in the University of Rome; 

Ettore Paratore, Professor of Latin Literature in the University of Rome; 

G.B. Pighi, Italian, Professor of Latin Literature in the University of Bologna; 

Marius Schneider, Professor of Musicology in the University of Cologne; 

Michele Federico, writer, University of Geneva; 

Ghiorgos Zoras, Professor of Greek Literature at the University of Athens; 

Ghiorgos Athanassiades Nova, Greek poet and academic; 

Djuna Barnes, American artist and writer; 

Giorgio Bassami, writer and President of conservationist group “Italia Nostra”; 

Adolfo Bioy Casares, Argentinian writer;

Jorge Luis Borges, Argentinian writer; 

Marcel Brion, French writer and historian; member of L’Académie française

Elena Croce, writer; 

Alberto Girri, Argentinian poet; 

Julien Green, American writer and member of L’Académie française;

Jorge Guilén, Spanish poet; 

Carlo Laurenzi, journalist; 

Robert Lowell, American poet; 

Mario Luzi, Italian poet; 

Eugenio Montale, poet and Nobel Laureate; 

Henry de Montherlant, French writer and member of L’Académie française; 

Hector Murena (Héctor Alberto Álvarez), Argentinian writer; 

Silvina Ocampo, Argentine writer; 

Victoria Ocampo, Argentine writer; 

Guido Piovene, Italian writer; 

Gianfranco Roscioni, literary critic; 

Giorgio Viglolo, poet and music critic; 

Luigi Dallapiccola, Italian composer;

Goffredo Petrassi, Italian composer; 

Nino Rota, Italian composer; 

Andrés Segovia, Spanish guitarist; 

Ghiogors Siniliandos, composer; 

Francesco Messina, Italian sculptor; 

Robert Bresson, French film director;

Camilla Salvago Raggi, Italian writer; 

Marcello Venturi, writer; 

Maria Zambrano, Spanish philosopher; 

Sara Gallardo, Argentinian writer; 

Nino Pirrotta, Musicologist in America and Italy; 

Christopher Sykes, English writer, friend and biographer of Evelyn Waugh.

As well as many senior Italian academics, this list (which overlaps with that of the 1966 petition) includes numerous musicians, writers, and poets. There is a surprisingly large contingent from Argentina, as well as three French Academicians, an Italian Nobel Prize-winning poet, Spaniards, Germans, Americans, Swiss, and some Greeks. The best-known signatories who were not also on the 1966 list might be Romano Amerio, author of the seminal study of Vatican II, Iota Unum; Robert Lowell, the American poet; Andrés Segovia, Spanish guitarist; and Christopher Sykes, the friend and biographer of Evelyn Waugh. Sykes’ moving description of Waugh’s spiritual suffering due to the liturgical reform has written the issue permanently into the annals of English literature.

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