Our magazine: Gregorius Magnus

The FIUV periodical, published twice a year, is dedicated to St Gregory the Great (Pope Gregory I), who died in 604 AD.

His association with both Gregorian Chant (which takes its name from him), and what is sometimes called the Gregorian Rite of Mass (the Traditional Latin Mass or Vetus Ordo) makes him an appropriate patron.

The Editor is Joseph Shaw, the President of the FIUV: president@fiuv.org

Contributions: we want to showcase the activities of the Traditional Movement all over the world; we like articles of 1,000 with high-quality photographs.

Copy deadlines: 1st February for the March edition; 1st September for the October edition.

Email president@fiuv.org

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Reading it: join the mailing list to get the link for each issue: click here.

View the most recent issues free on ISSUU: on the web, or download the app to your mobile device and search for 'Gregorius Magnus' to read it on the go.

Past issues can be seen here as PDFs:

Gregorius Magnus 17, Summer 2024

Gregorius Magnus 16, Winter 2023-4

Gregorius Magnus 15, Summer 2023

Gregorius Magnus 14, Winter 2022-23

Gregorius Magnus 12, Winter 2021-22

Gregorius Magnus 11, Summer 2021

Gregorius Magnus 10, Winter 2020-21

Gregorius Magnus 9, Summer 2020

Gregorius Magnus 8, Winter 2019-20

Gregorius Magnus 7, Summer 2019

Gregorius Magnus 6, Winter 2018-19

Gregorius Magnus 5, Summer 2018

Gregorius Magnus 4, Spring 2018

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