Our magazine: Gregorius Magnus

St Gregory composing chants, with the assistance of the Holy Ghost.
The FIUV periodical, published three or four times a year, is dedicated to St Gregory the Great (Pope Gregory I), who died in 604 AD.

His association with both Gregorian Chant (which takes its name from him), and what is sometimes called the Gregorian Rite of Mass (the Traditional Latin Mass, Vetus Ordo, Extraordinary Form) makes him an appropriate patron.

The Editor is the Secretary of the FIUV, who can be contacted at


Please email him if you would like to contribute something to the magazine.

Get the link by email for each issue: click here.
Gregorius Magnus is free and online-only. Recent past issues can be seen here as PDFs:

Gregorius Magnus 7

Gregorius Magnus 6

Gregorius Magnus 5

Gregorius Magnus 4

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