General Assembly 2023

  As President of the International Una Voce Federation I hereby give notice for the


to be held at

 Istituto Maria Santissima Bambina, Via Paolo VI, 21, 00193 Rome

 on Saturday 28th October at 3pm

 Participation by Zoom will also be possible.


Delegation and Procuration

All Member Associations should be represented by a delegate, who may be accompanied by up to three other members of his member association in the General Assembly (Statutes, 6.4). The delegate shall exercise his Member Association’s vote. Any Member Association unable to send a delegate is requested to arrange for another Member Association to exercise its vote by procuration (proxy) (Statutes, 6.5).


Agenda items

All Member Associations, whether present in person or by proxy, have the right to send items for the General Assembly’s Agenda: resolutions to be considered, information to be noted, or topics for discussion. These may be accompanied by short written discussion papers for advance circulation with the Agenda.

The President reserves the right to order the Agenda and combine similar items in the interests of convenience.


Election of a new Council and Officers: reminder of procedure

Each General Assembly is the occasion for the election of a new Council. The number of members of the Council may not exceed one third of the total number of members and may not exceed 15.

Member associations are invited to nominate one person for the Council. If there are more nominations than places, they will be selected by a vote of delegates present (including proxies) (Statutes 8.1-2).

From among the members of the newly-elected Council, delegates may nominate candidates for the Presidency; this happens at the meeting itself. If there is more than one candidate, there will be a further vote of the delegates (including proxies) (Statutes 9.1 (i)).

The new Council will meet immediately after the General Assembly, and will choose a Secretary and Treasurer.


Subscriptions and Waivers

The minimum annual fee is 25 €, or 0.5 € for each of your own members, whichever is higher.  

Please consider donating more if you are able. If you are not able to pay the minimum fee, please request a waiver from the President or Treasurer. Waivers are given freely, but we do want to hear from Members.

To participate in the General Assembly, Member Associations must ensure that their subscriptions are up to date or waived.

Zoom participation

We strongly recommend attendance in person at the General Assembly, since this is the main opportunity for representatives of member associations to meet. Coming to Rome also makes possible delegates’ participation in the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage (see below).

However, in the interest of the widest possible participation, delegates will be able to participate by Zoom: to hear the Officers’ reports, to give their own oral reports, to participate in discussion of motions, and (through a separate electronic means) to vote. The necessary links and instructions will be provided in due course.


What you need to do

Each Member Association must please:

  •  Acknowledge this communication;
  • Ensure your subscription is up to date or that you have received a waiver.
  • Inform us of the names of your delegates, and whether they will be present in person in Rome or will participate by Zoom; OR to whom you have given your proxy vote.
  • Compose a short report (500 words) on your Association’s activities, and the situation in your country, since the last General Assembly, that you can deliver to the General Assembly in person or through your proxy.

If a Member Association chooses to do so, it may:

  • Nominate a member of your association for the Council;
  • Submit one or more agenda items.


Subscriptions: 1st June. We will accept late payment up to the day of the General Assembly. See below on ways of paying.

Nominations for the Council and Agenda items: 15th July. These need to be circulated to members in advance. We will aim to circulate the Agenda and list of candidates with the formal Convocation of the General Assembly by 15th August (see the Statutes 6.3).

Nominations of delegates: We will accept the nomination (or change) of delegates up to 2pm on the day of the General Assembly.

For nominations, special forms are not required, but please use your Association’s official email account, if you have one, and copy in your principal officers, and in the cases of asking for a proxy, copy in the Association that you wish to procurate.


Please send your responses to the special email address:


For ease of administration, please indicate in the subject line what it relates to: Acknowledgement; Subscription; Nomination of Council Candidate; Procuration; Agenda Item; Nomination of delegates: General Enquiry. Please send separate emails for each task.


The General Assembly and the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage & Paix Liturgique Conference

The Assembly will coincide with the Summorum Pontificum ‘Ad Sedem Petri’ Pilgrimage; the Federation is a member of the Coetus Summorum Pontificum which organises this event. 

This follows a conference organised by Paix Liturgique which may also be of interest to delegates.

The conference will take place at the Patristic Institute Augustinianum, on the edge of St Peter's Square (via Paolo VI, 25), on Friday 27th October. Doors open at 9am; it will begin at 9:45am and end in time for Vespers at the Pantheon at 5.30pm.

The proceeding will include the launch of Joseph Shaw (ed.) The Latin Mass and the Intellectuals: Petitions to Save the ancient Mass from 1966 to 2007 (Arouca Press, 2023)

To register please email <>

The planned liturgies of the Pilgrimage are as follows:

Friday 27th October: Vespers at the Pantheon, 5:30pm

Saturday 28th October: Benediction at San Celso e Giuliano: 9:30, followed by procession to St Peter’s (10:30am) and the celebration of Sext in St Peter’s (11:30am), followed by the veneration of the relics of SS Simon and Jude.

Sunday 29th October Mass at Sta Trinita, 11am.

The General Assembly’s venue, Istituto Maria Santissima Bambina, is a short distance from St Peter’s.

We hope to arrange a book launch to take place after Mass on Sunday, near Sta Trinita.

In order to make the General Assembly compatible with the timetable of the Pilgrimage, there will be no ‘Open Forum’ this year.



Delegates are requested to make their own arrangements for accommodation in Rome. 


Paying the FIUV Membership Subscription

There are three ways to pay the subscription:

1) Use the PayPal-Button on the FIUV Website (you will find it in the left side-bar) 

2) Go directly to PayPal and send the money to:

3) Direct transfer to the FIUV bank account in Germany:

IBAN: DE21600501010001507155


Bank: BW-Bank Stuttgart

Account-Owner: Monika Rheinschmitt

When you have paid, please confirm this by email, as it can be difficult to see who had made a payment and on behalf of whom.


Please specify the date and amount of the payment, who made it, and on behalf of what association.


Useful links

The venuefor the General Assembly.

Summorum PontificumPilgrimage

Fraternityof St Peter in Rome (Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini):

Instituteof Christ the King in Rome (Basilica dei Ss. Celso e Giuliano):

Una Voce Italia

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