Dossier on the published works of Michael Davies

Michael Davies


Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine; et lux perpetua luceat ei

Books (English)


  • Archbishop Lefebvre:– The Truth
  • The Tridentine Mass: The Mass That Will Not Die (1985)
  • The New Mass (1977)
  • The Roman Rite Destroyed (1983)
  • On Communion in the Hand and Similar Frauds
  • The True Voice of Tradition
  • The Story of Saint Athanasius
  • An Open Lesson to a Bishop (1980)
  • On the Development of the Roman Rite
  • Archbishop Lefebvre and Religious Liberty (1980)
  • Saint Athanasius – Defender of the Faith (1985)
  • The Church Since Vatican II (1985)
  • The Legal Status of the Tridentine Mass (1982)
  • The Liturgical Revolution (1983)
  • The Barbarians Have Taken Over (1985)
  • Communion Under Both Kinds (1980)
  • Mass Facing the People (1991)
  • A Privilege of the Ordained
  • The Reign of Christ the King
  • Partisans of Error
  • I Am With You Always
  • The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty
  • Liturgical Shipwreck: 25 Years of the New Mass
  • A Short History of the Roman Mass
  • The Catholic Sanctuary and The Second Vatican Council

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Papers (English) (updated links)

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Books and papers translated in Dutch/Boeken en Artikelen vertaald in het Nederlands

Books and papers translated in German/Bücher und Artikel übersetzt in die deutsche Sprache

Books and papers translated in Russian/Книги и статьи в русском переводе