Tuesday 7 November 2023

Rome Pilgrimage 2023: Photos

The FIUV was delighted to take part in the 2023 'ad Petri Sedem' Pilgrimage. I don't have any photographs of the Vespers in the Pantheon from this year, but here are the other events.

Mass in SS Celso & Julio before the procession, on Saturday.


This church is served by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.


The procession: over the Ponte de Angeli to the Castel San Angelo.


Towards St Peter's.


Sext in the Chapel of the Throne.


Mass on Sunday in Sta Trinita, celebrated by Archbishop Guido Pozzo.


A letter from Paix Liturgique summarises the events as follows:

Allow me to to highlight some notable moments of the 12th Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage, which took place in Rome these last days of October, and which will surely remain impressed in everyone's memory.

Friday, before the opening of the pilgrimage at the Pantheon, there was the traditional Pax Liturgica Meeting, which was of the greatest interest. In addition to Mgr Athanasius Schneider, the historian Michela Di Mieri delivered a talk on the “The story of a return home”. She unfolded the journey of her life, which began with extreme left activism (the Italian style, of course, where communists sometimes go to mass like Pepone), until she discovered the traditional mass, its beauty and its holiness, which literally transformed her life. She ended her talk with humor with the exclamation: No pasarĂ¡n!, intended at our persecutors.

On Friday evening, at the beginning of the pontifical vespers presided by Mgr Athanasius Schneider in the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Martiri (the Pantheon), he delivered a very powerful sermon on the intangibility of Catholic doctrine, a translation of which will be provided by Paix Liturgique very shortly.

As I had anticipated the message conveyed to the whole city of Rome by the pilgrimage was that of the unsinkable presence of the traditional Roman mass. The most visible moment of this testimony was of course the procession, which took place on Saturday. It started at the church of San Celso, crossed the Ponte Sant'Angelo, and went up Via della Conciliazione, passing then through Piazza Pio XII, where the main Congregations of the Curia have their headquarters, crossing Saint Peter's Square to finally enter the Basilica at the singing of the Creed.

But this year, the fact that the celebration of mass was not permitted in Saint Peter's ended up giving a great amount of publicity to the pilgrimage. As a militant reflex, many pilgrims arrived at San Celso on Saturday morning, among whom a group of faithful of SSPX with their chaplain. As a result, the number of faithful following the procession presided over by Father Antonius Maria Mamsery, superior general of the Missionaries of the Holy Cross of Tanzania, was particularly large (police figure: more than 1000, which means…)

A Cardinal Prefect of Congregation, clergyman, wooden pectoral cross, who wanted to cross via della Conciliazione was blocked by the police and watched in amazement as the long procession passed through in front of his eyes. In the end, he even mixed with the pilgrims, no doubt to get a closer look at the representatives of this species that he thought had disappeared forever. It was to the point that the Italian police - who, under the Bernini's colonnade, control those entering the basilica, by means of security gates with metal detectors - were simply overwhelmed, and, since the wait for the procedure to be concluded became interminable, they were forced to open a another gate only for the pilgrims.

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