Sunday 8 July 2018

Traditional Family Retreat in Spain

Cross-posted from Rorate Caeli. Events such as this have been uncommon in Spain and we are delighted to report on this initiative.

From Thursday the 28th of June through Sunday the 1st of July took place the 1st edition of the Family Retreat ‘Vayamos Jubilosos’ for people attached to the Traditional Liturgy of the Roman Rite in Spain. This is the first time ever that such an initiative to deepen the knowledge of the Mass of Ages and the values and principles of Christendom occurs in Spain.

In addition to the lectures for adults and the parallel educational activities and talks specifically designed for the participating children, the retreat participants were given the chance to attend Mass every day, either at one of the Low Masses celebrated by the priests present at the event, or at the daily Solemn High Mass, which was the spiritual core of the day.  Furthermore, the attendees took part in different Traditional Catholic devotions such as daily Solemn Gregorian Vespers, Benediction and the Holy Rosary.

On Saturday, people walked on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Blessed Virgin Mary of the Cross, where the approved apparitions of Our Lady to young Inés took place in the 15th century. Historical characters such as Charles V, John of Austria or Cardinal Cisneros went on pilgrimage to the Shrine at the time Saint Juana was the abbess of the attached convent. The Stations of the Cross were prayed on the way to the Shrine.

Over 65 people have attended the Retreat including many children. The lectures and talks, were given by several priests and nuns, including the Dean of the Primate Cathedral of Toledo and Prelate of honour of His Holiness.

One can only thank God for such an extraordinary event and hope that it brings plenty of graces. Next year the second edition of the Retreat will take place during first week of July, God willing.

Visit the webpage for more information. More photos here.

Deo Gratias!

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