Wednesday 4 November 2015

The FIUV in Rome, Part 3


The 'Closed Session' of the General Assembly took place in the 'Knox Conference Centre' of the Domus Australia; the President, Treasurer, and Acting Secretary made reports, as did the Chairmen of the Committees set up by the FIUV Council for particular tasks: Membership, Communications, Music, and Liturgy and Spirituality (which publishes the Position Papers). The results of the elections to Council and to the Presidency have already been announced, on this blog, here.

Dinner in the Knox Conference Centre at the Domus Australia, for FIUV delegates and friends,
attended by Cardinal Pell and Cardinal Brandmuller.
At the end of the Closed Session Vespers was celebrated in the church of St Peter Chanel at the Domus Australia, with Cardinal Pell presiding, assisted by Fr Thomas Crean, with Cardinal Brandmuller in choir.

Cardinal Pell address the dinner guests.
 This was followed by dinner, at which the newly elected President, Felipe Alanis Suarez, was introduced to Cardinal Pell by the outgoing President, James Bogle. Cardinal Pell spontaneously decided to give the assembled FIUV delegates and friends a little briefing on the Synod on the Family, which was just concluding.
Cardinal Pell bestows a blessing before his departure.

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