Thursday 13 August 2015


There definitely is no shortage of men
during the annual walking pilgrimage to Walsingham,
organized by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales
(this photo is from year 2014), or any other similar event.
Sociologists of religion have observed that Catholic congregations are lacking in men; a 2005 survey found 37% of congregations to be male. The Extraordinary Form is more successful in attracting and retaining men, typical congregations comprising about 55% males. The importance of fathers in Catholic families underscores the importance of the effect, and the contribution to the evangelisation of men which can be made by this Form of the Mass. This phenomenon fits into a wider pattern of the more demanding religious groups, making use of formal liturgies which emphasise the transcendent, having more success attracting men than liturgically informal, community-oriented groups. The Extraordinary Form is also connected with a set of traditional devotions, notably the walking pilgrimage, particularly attractive to men and to the young. . . . . . .

The 26th in the FIUV Position Papers series, called The Extraordinary Form and Men is now available in the FIUV Positio section.

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