Monday 17 November 2014


Saint Josaphat Kuntsevych, O.S.B.M.
(c. 1580 – 12 November 1623)
Since Pope Leo XIII’s important encyclical Orientalium dignitas in 1894 the policy of the Holy See has been consistent and emphatic, that the liturgical rites of the ancient Oriental Churches are worthy of the utmost veneration, and among those churches in communion with the Holy See they should be protected from undue Latin influence and restored in accordance with their own traditions. This was emphasised by the Second Vatican Council and Pope St John Paul II. This policy is, however, undermined by those exaggerated critiques of the liturgical traditions of the Latin Church which dismiss elements which the Latin and Oriental liturgical traditions have in common, such as worship ad orientem and the use of silent prayer, a contemplative manner of liturgical participation, and respect for liturgical tradition. The establishment of the Extraordinary Form as part of the normal liturgical life of the Latin Church is a necessary step towards a practical attitude of reverence towards the traditions of the Oriental Churches. . . . .

The 21st in the FIUV Position Papers series, called The Extraordinary Form and the Eastern Churches is now available in the FIUV Positio section.