Saturday 30 November 2013

General Assembly 2014 - Press Release

30 November 2013


For Immediate Release

International Federation Una Voce elects Mr James Bogle as its new President.

The biennial General Assembly of the International Federation Una Voce (FIUV), the international
body representing lay groups attached to the traditional Roman Catholic liturgy, has elected a new
President, Mr James Bogle, a barrister (trial attorney) and former Chairman of the Catholic Union of
Great Britain.

During the General Assembly, Mass and Vespers were celebrated for the Federation in the Chapel
of the Choir, in St Peter’s Basilica. Walter, Cardinal Brandmüller and Archbishop Guido Pozzo were
among the celebrants for Mass and Vespers.

Mr Bogle said “I am very honoured to have been elected and would like to thank the out-going
President, and all those who have served with him, and all those who have been working so much
for the Federation and for Catholic tradition. I am most grateful to them all.”

The new head of the Federation stressed that if the New Evangelization is to be effective, it is vital
that the faithful also experience and understand the Church’s roots of history and tradition.
Mr Bogle said that young people are especially aware of the importance of rediscovering the
Church’s roots. “It’s an enjoyable voyage of discovery. Moreover, if Catholics don’t understand
their roots then it’s difficult for them to evangelize. When you attempt to evangelise, people will ask
you ‘what are the roots of your belief and Church?’

If the answer is: ‘I don’t know, but I think you should join us’, that isn’t going to be terribly
persuasive. Why should someone come to the faith if we can’t give a proper historical perspective to
our religion and what its roots are? Even people who aren’t particularly attracted to the traditional
rite of the Mass want to know about its history. It is not something that those seriously interested in
evangelisation can afford to ignore.”

Mr Bogle said he intends to carry out his new role by employing benefits bestowed by Pope
Benedict XVI, not least in the motu proprio of 2007, Summorum Pontificum, that restored the traditional Latin Mass as one of the two approved forms of the Roman rite of Mass. He also would like to see its fruits integrated into the New Evangelization.

The Una Voce Federation was established in 1965 to defend the Church's liturgical heritage. A lay
movement recognised by the Holy See, its principal aims have been to ensure that the liturgical traditions of the Roman rite are maintained, as well as to promote and safeguard the use of sacred
plainchant and polyphony.

Recently, associations in Croatia, Latvia, Cuba and Brazil have joined the Federation.
“We’re fully loyal to the Church, as everyone knows,” Mr Bogle said. “And we are part of the
mainstream of the Church. We work with and in the Church. My predecessors, Dr Eric de
Saventhem, Mr Michael Davies, Mr Ralf Siebenbürger, Fra’ Fredrik Crichton-Stuart, Mr Jack
Oostveen, and Mr Leo Darroch, were all rightly insistent upon loyalty to the Holy See.”
During the General Assembly, His Eminence Dario, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, gave the principal

“His Eminence is warmly supportive of the Federation and its work”, said Mr Bogle.
The Very Reverend Dom Cassian Folsom OSB, the Prior of the new Monastero San Benedetto,
Norcia, Italy, gave a key-note address recounting the history of his own experience of the Church’s
liturgical traditions.

Others elected to the FIUV Council were the Hon Dr Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass
Society of England and Wales (LMS), elected Treasurer of FIUV, and Mr Thomas Murphy, elected
the Secretary. Mr Murphy belongs to the Irish association member of FIUV, St Conleth’s Catholic
Heritage Association.

The new Vice-Presidents are Mr Felipe Alanis Suarez (Una Voce Mexico), Mr Paul Fournier (Latin
Mass Society of Canada), Mr Marcin Gola (Una Voce Polonia).

The new councillors are Mr Othon M. Alves (Una Voce Natal – Brazil), Mr Eduardo Colon (Una
Voce Puerto Rico), Mr Christopher Cordeiro (Una Voce South Africa), Mr Leo Darroch (Una Voce
Scotland and former President), Mr Fabio Marino (Una Voce Italia), Mr Carlos Antonio Palad
(Ecclesia Dei Society of St. Joseph - Philippines), Mr Rodolfo Vargas Rubio (Roma Aeterna, Spain)
and Mr Godwin Xuereb (Pro Tridentina Malta).

Mr Oleg-Michael Martynov (Una Voce Russia) and Mr Matthew Schellhorn (LMS) were co-opted to
the Council.

“We are very grateful to His Eminence Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, His Eminence Cardinal
Brandmüller, and to Archbishop Pozzo for taking part in our General Assembly” said the new
President, adding “we are very pleased that the traditional rites have made encouraging progress
since July 2007. More and more bishops are celebrating the traditional Mass and many younger
priests and seminarians are discovering the sacred heritage of the Church. The restoration of the
traditions of the Church is looking more secure each day. We are very grateful to Pope Benedict
XVI and to our present Holy Father, Francis, for all the support that they have given us”.

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For further information contact the Secretary of the International Una Voce Federation, Mr
Thomas Murphy


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Further information also from the President of the International Una Voce Federation, Mr
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