Saturday, 31 December 2022

Requiescat in pace, Pope Benedict: statement of the FIUV

FIUV Statement on the death of Pope Benedict XVI
Photo byt Peter Nguyen,
via Wikipedia Commons

Una Voce International (the FIUV) learns with profound grief of the death of the Pontiff Emeritus, Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger.

In every corner of the world, Catholics attached to the Traditional Mass owe Pope Benedict an immense debt of gratitude, for his great gift to the Church, his Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum (2007). In this he set out a way of achieving liturgical peace, after decades of conflict, allocating a permanent and honoured place in the life of the Church for the older liturgy. This was fittingly symbolised by the celebration of the Traditional Mass in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with increasing solemnity as the years passed, for international gatherings, first of the FIUV, and then of the International Pilgrimage ad Sedem Petri, ‘Summorum Pontificum’.

It has been a direct effect of Pope Benedict’s document to make it possible for many tens of thousands of Catholics, including many priests, to discover the enduring value of the ‘older liturgical tradition’. This is something whose effects will long endure.

The Federation has asked for Masses to be said for Pope Benedict, and calls on its member associations to arrange Requiem Masses of suitable solemnity for him in due course.

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

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Saturday, 12 November 2022

FIUV Liturgical Ordo for 2023 available

Since the PCED and its successor, in the form of the 4th Section of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, lost its responsibility for the Traditional Mass, the Ordo it used to publish for the 1962 Missal has also ceased to appear.

As a service to the Church, the International Una Voce Federation (FIUV) has taken up this task, with the help of Peter Day-Milne.

We are pleased to present, therefore, an Ordo for the calendar year 2023: to be exact, it runs from the First Sunday of Advent 2022 to the Octave of the Nativity of Our Lord, 1st January 2024. 

Ordo Divini Officii recitandi sacrique peragendi secdundum antiquam Ritus Romani Formam, pro Anno Domini 2023.

This is the Ordo of the Universal Calendar: that is, without any of the feasts specific to particular parishes, dioceses, nations, or religious orders. These should be taken into account when using it: for example, the Patronal Feast of a parish church is a First Class feast in the parish, and the same is true of the primary Patron of a diocese, so these take precedence over many other feasts in that parish or diocese.

It is in Latin, following the conventions used by the old PCED Ordos.

Printed copies of the FIUV Ordo can be purchased from the

Latin Mass Society's online shop; 

it can also be viewed online for free.

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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Gregorius Magnus, magazine of the FIUV, Winter 2023

A new edition of our biannual magazine Gregorius Magnus is published! The magazine is free and available to all; you can read it online, we handed out 150 copies to participants of the Summorum Pontificum Ad Petri Sedem pilgrimage in Rome, and a small number will receive it in the post.

Gregorius Magnus 14, Winter 2023, is now available as a PDFand on ISSUU, optimised for mobile devices.

In issue 14, we have features on some summer pilgrimages, ordinations for the FSSP, and news from India, the United States, Ireland, and France.

Gregorius Magnus is generously sponsored by the Latin Mass Society (England and Wales).

For past issues see here; see the same link to contribute or advertise in it.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Pilgrimage Ad petri sedem 2022

Cardinal Zuppi processes into the Pantheon for Vespers

The Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage 'ad Petri Sedem' (to the seat of Peter) took place as usual this year, and with the personal permission of Pope Francies, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna and President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, officiated at the traditional Vespers in the Pantheon which began the Pilgrimage, and Monsignor Marco Agostini, one of the Pope’s Masters of Ceremonies, celebrated High Mass in the Chapel of the Throne in St Peter’s.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Liturgical colloquium in Paris 24th Sept

We are pleased to announce a Colloquium on the liturgy in Paris, to take place 24th September, in which Una Voce France is an official participant. Full information here.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Pro Missa Tridentina Annual General Meeting and Mass

We have had these lovely photos from Pro Missa Tridentina (Germany), of the Mass which was celebrated on the occasion of their Annual General Meeting, on Sunday 7th August, at Villmar (near Limburg). Photo credit to PMT Germany.